Conway accents his own vocals with plenty of stylish and inventive guitar fills and solos". (New rock album 'Hold On Tight')” - Michael Dregni

— Vintage Guitar Magazine (Nov 2012)

Tom Conway's latest batch of acoustic jazz is stylish and inspired, his guitar leading the way with virtuosic swing.” - Michael Dregni

— Vintage Guitar Magazine (Nov, 2010 issue)

Tom Conway’s furious guitar playing is brilliant, and his fellow musicians are as talented and as engaged in the music as Tom is. You don’t have to know anything about Reinhardt, the Hot Club of France or gypsy jazz to be blown away by this album (Click here for full review)”

— Linda Banks / Still is Still Moving

On his new CD, Tom Conway once again exhibits a virtuosic command of the Gypsy Jazz medium, while at the same time adding new interest to the genre through his 13 original compositions, thereby expanding the idiom's possibilities. Some great guitar work!”

— Jorge Strunz - Strunz and Farah

Tom Conway's well crafted guitar work and original compositions in "No Fixed Address" ranks from incredible to outrageous. The band and guitarist's explosive energy will take the imagination through past and present, traveling to mystical forests, through the streets of Dublin, and back around the world to the tropical paradise of Maui. It was a real joy to be part of this unique record, performed by such talented musicians.”

— Dave Russell - 3x Grammy Award winning engineer for Steely Dan

One of the hottest Hot Club-style bands in the US” - Michael Dregni

— Vintage Guitar Magazine

Up onstage, four string players who had clearly paid their dues burned through a Jazz Age swing set worthy of the Hot Club of France. Somewhere, Django's ghost was smiling.” - Tom Stevens

— Maui News

What a discovery!”

— Hot Club News (Germany)

No Fixed Address The outlook: Conway has the smarts to juxtapose imagery and nuance in his music; anything can be of a particular place if you simply listen and imagine. His guitar solos and the presence of the fiddle yield a unique, percolating sound. Our take: A CD worth seeking out, for its instrumentation and its quest to be different.” - Wayne Harada

— Honolulu Advertiser